Issue #15

Sinem Yörük - Kerimcan Güleryüz On Edition

Edition and representation are two issues most artists (including us) are unfamiliar with and not have a grasp of with respect to the mechanisms.

Merve Ünsal On Some of Irem Sözen's Photographs

I have seen Irem Sözen's works for the first time in person in "Parallel Realities" in Elipsis Gallery, which was composed of 3 artists and curated by Refik Akyüz and Serdar Darendeliler from Geniş Açı Project Office.

İpek Çınar Open Letter to Cemil Batur Gökçeer

Writing an open letter is a good method to avoid the burden of the word “criticism”. Still, it is very hard to write a letter addressing a unique person, especially if this person is someone who I am acquainted with. Even so, writing this letter to someone who is the glitter of sweet little memories, who always have a smile on his face and a desire to jump around physically, breaks the tension to some extent. There is you and me in this letter, as for the others, they are only eavesdroppers. And even if I always love this exultant, incorrigible person, what augments attributions and admiration to this "love" was "Düğüm/Tangle."

Ahu Antmen Cemre Yeşil And Archive of Memories

Freud, in an article he wrote in 1920’s, says that some apparatuses, for example cameras, were by no means capable of competing with the visual storage capacity of human memory. To stress the infinitude of the visual image storage capacity, he points to the kids’ favourite wipe-off magnetic boards, where before an image fades away, the new one appears, while the new image is appearing, the old one slowly disappears.

G.E.M. (No: #05)

Dear Ms. Şenay, How are you? Ms. Emine had the attached images prepared in her hotel room last night. She dreamt throughout her travel. When we arrived at the hotel, she told me about her dreams and asked me to make a collage of them with the magazines I took from the plane.

Yoav Friedlander A Form of View

“A Form of View” is Yoav Friedlander’s project examining the cultural relation between two distant lands in which he uses photography as a medium of understanding/explanation as well as a narrative tool.

Karol Gustav The Stationary Travellers

“The Stationary Travellers” is Polish photographer Karol Gustav's project where she photographs the caravans that become sedentary.

Shayman Tostakay Rearview Mirror

Shayman Tostakay is a darkroom instructor in Ka Atölye. Tostakay's work here provides a perspective on his past. He traces his family bonds and memories during his life in village. Like in every childhood memory, details of place and people change, but the traces themselves remain and they recall past images in the artist's memory.

Jacob Juhl To Point to Line and Space

"To Point to Line and Space” is Jacob Juhl's project in search of some three-dimensionality within photography's structure which reduces the universe into a two-dimensional body.

Hyounsag Yoo The News

"The News" is Hyounsang Yoo's project focusing on TV news. Hyounsang captures images from the news on various TV channels in 35 different countries through long-exposure photography.