The Stationary Travellers

Karol Gustav
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"The Stationary Travellers" is Polish photographer Karol Gustav's project where she photographs the caravans that become sedentary.

The series, which is mentioned as "the tale of people who give up their dreams to hit the road" in the project text, "is a story of lethargy, drowsiness, unchanging landscape, bluntness, awareness of ephemerality, lack of hope and incapability." On the other hand, it also presents the viewer with a sense of belonging to nature and relations established with that particular nature. Even if the protagonists withdraw from the state of omnipresence and freedom, for the artist, they still have prospects, how little it may be, as well. This prospect is a perspective that confirms some sign of vitality we still expect to find in them, and is some kind of hope against despair because they can never have a sense of coziness by nature.

The photographs can be considered as a portraiture series, rather than a documentation of caravans stationed in various places. It can also be argued that the places they are in which we see as backgrounds support this notion of settlement in some place and perceiving through that particular place.

These photographs give also a sense of representation of the geography in which the project is realized. As Gustav mentions, the story tells "Polish people's commitment to their land, their workspace and their heimat."