A Form of View

Yoav Friedlander
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"A Form of View" is Yoav Friedlander's project examining the cultural relation between two distant lands in which he uses photography as a medium of understanding/explanation as well as a narrative tool.

The artist expresses that he was born in Israel and for a long time he identified himself as an American Israeli. He thinks this is because of the ambiguous American culture, desert landscapes in his city and wars. In his work, he creates a different reality forming between these two different cultures and geographies in terms of geographical insufficiencies, possibilities and human relationships.

The objects and places in his work provide some sort of representation between these two cultures. We are faced with volumes, places, objects sometimes in their actual sizes and sometimes as small size models. He presents some signs for the geography itself, relationships and wars through a harmony and contrast between objects' photographs. However, it is not possible to think photographs in terms of a division between reality and fiction. It is more accurate to claim the photographs communicating each other through the narrative language are the result of some fictional quest.

The reality of photography has always been from the start, ambiguous and relative like the phrase "I am lying 'cos I am telling the truth!" Still, it is so powerful that it can effect our experiences and perspective as well. For Friedlander, our belief in photography's disclosure of some kind of an objective reality is similar to the promises that we give to keep. The artist explains his work as follows: "Many of our understandings of reality and our relation to objects, people and landscapes are being described by photographs and have never being experienced by us in person. Photography at times diffused itself so well into consciousness that we find ourselves considering what is real to be different from how it should be according to its own image. Since the invention of the photograph, reality gradually became augmented by its own reflection. I am focusing my work at that point of friction.