The News

Hyounsag Yoo
Orta Format
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"The News" is Hyounsang Yoo's project focusing on TV news. Hyounsang captures images from the news on various TV channels in 35 different countries through long-exposure photography.

The artist doesn't bother to conceal from where he gets the images or what they describe. On the contrary, he asserts that the viewer is familiar with the images in which the content seems ambiguous. It is possible for viewers to find out from which channel they are watching the particular news. After all, everybody becomes familiar with what is happening in their respective countries. If this project were to involve an image of some news channel from our country, what will it be, which authorities, which events would we see? What we wonder mostly is, which news channel would be chosen? When we think in these terms, it seems that familiarity turns into some kind of a visual memory play with particular TV channels and people who follow them.

Doing photography-based works with existing images, Yoo presents his project by placing all the images on different levels, in a form in which reminds one of maps. The images printed in same sizes, point out that the countries have a lot in common.