To Point to Line and Space

Jacob Juhl
Orta Format
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"To Point to Line and Space" is Jacob Juhl's project in search of some three-dimensionality within photography's structure which reduces the universe into a two-dimensional body.

Juhl's series consists of 6 images. We see an experiment on creating a space via reduction from and addition to 3 photographs which document objects in two ways, that is "points" and "lines." The artist comments that what lies behind the photographs is insignificant as to the final content of the work, but still it has an effect upon the aesthetic experimentation in formal and structural terms. When we look at a photograph involuntarily, the first thing we see is the object that is photographed, rather than the photograph itself. Here, what attracts our attention first, are "points and lines" as well. Still, the remaining part of the images, the "space" that escapes our attention, is a crucial part of this work.

Although photograph by nature has a 2 dimensional structure, the presentation method, even its relation to the place (or simply to the wall) gives it a different kind of depth. Taking this fact into consideration can also contribute the work itself. It is also important to remember Serkan Taycan's workshop on transforming the two-dimensional form of photography at this point. Jacob Juhl's series, even though it doesn't include the notion of presentation, is an experimentation on transformation of surface.