Orta Format is an independent arts initiative as a product of collective efforts. Its journey began in 2011.

In the last ten years, it has functioned as an e-magazine publishing interviews, articles and projects on contemporary photography. As the interests of the editors and contributors have changed and expanded, so has Orta Format's horizon. Over these years, Orta Format has evolved into an initiative that encourages production and discussion in the field of art.

Orta Format likes to produce content that responds to current social issues. It takes an approach that focuses on visual art and does not separate politics from art. It opposes hate speech, discriminatory language and censorship. It cares about archives and archival practises. It creates content when it deems necessary and whenever possible. It pays attention to the sustainability and accessibility of its production. While welcoming editorial and curatorial collaborations and creative proposals, it enjoys sharing, feedback and constructive criticism. In fact, it also serves as a research and learning platform for its own producers.

Orta Format enjoys participating in international collaborations when the opportunity arises. It carries the spirit of İstanbul and Ankara to Berlin, London and İstanbul, where its editors have emigrated. Desires to meditate on broadening the different perspectives of transdisciplinary approaches. It values the existence of other collectives, the essence of solidarity and historicity. It always welcomes audiences and participants from fields other than art. Photography always has a special place in the heart of Orta Format.


Editors: Şener Soysal, İpek Çınar, Eda Yiğit

Founders: Tevfik Çağrı Dural, Şener Soysal

Translation: Mert Alperten, Zeynep Arikan, İpek Çınar

Software: 1.0: Fırat Gürsu 2.0 Şamil Hazır

Design: Şener Soysal



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