When The Shit Hits The Fan

Bradley Tsalyuk
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"When The Shit Hits The Fan" is a common buzzword used in a TV program, Doomsday Preppers, emphasizing the climax when a well-prepared for disaster comes true.

Departing from this buzzword, Bradley Tsalyuk in his project, focuses on people's struggle to survive for a imminent disaster in today's consumption culture. In this work in which photography is used as a medium, prime news on screen seem pretty ironic.

Tsalyuk talks about his project as follows: "I present actions and objects which give reference to notions of preparation, apocalypse and post-apocalypse. The works are structured swiftly, and they tend to break the dependencies to some conspiracy theory with regards to an apocalypse. Displacing me as an authority in a rapid fashion, gave way to despair, aporia, adolescence and surreal actions with respect to an apocalyptic moment imagined