Press Release

Sevinç Çalhanoğlu
Orta Format
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"Press Release" is Sevinç Çalhanoğlu's work composed of exhibition bulletins. Although the project text was written by Çalhanoğlu, it also stands distant from her. Just like the exhibition bulletins, the narration is based on the conception of the outsider third-person singular:

"This work is composed of press releases from various exhibitions as well as narrations. The individual attempts to integrate what s/he reads and experiences by excluding his/her own etiquette as a collector-viewer to approach the language in the press releases and therefore the works mentioned there. S/he disorients the meaning of the texts with his/her own self-conflict, and ascribes informative A4 papers a spiral texture. Within this spiral texture, the language who's who becomes blurred.

On the other hand, the overlapping/discrepancy and time/space within the texts are encoded in an embedded fashion: The intervals spared to exhibitions are at a limited-definable interval spared between visitor-attendant times in a hospital. This interval adds momentum to an individual's spatial mobility. The contrasts within the texts are exemplary of this momentum and the difference between the "present" life in hospital and "previous" life in outside, as well as an emphasis between these two.

The indispensable keywords for this project's press release:

repetition, existing, place, Adorno, voiceover, as the artist explains, on artistic production, temporarily, utilizing, translating, Benjamin, distant contents, collapsing, on a par, opposite poles, trailing away, from life, transformed, Lacan, detained, awareness, women's women, panoptic, aimed at breaking, unique, concentrating, infinite."