Laurene Bois Mariage
Orta Format
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It is possible to acquire an original image by cutting, attaching and piecing together independent visuals. But to make it in a digital environment?

Laurene Bois Mariage in her "Recollages" series, creates multilayered patterns by attributing visual windows she opens on screen essentially the character of collages. Then, she records the screen shots. In fact, we are exposed to this notion of multilayeredness in our everyday lives. What Mariage achieves is to transform this notion into an artistic tool.

In the series, pieces make references to well-known works of modern artists like Kolár, Hausmann, Picasso and Höch in art history. The difference in Mariage's practice is that she makes use of visuals obtained from the internet and screen windows.

The artist remarks that for the exhibition, she tries to mimic the computer screen by printing her works in diasec format by 8X13 inches.