21, 22, 23…

Gidon Levin
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In his project "21,22,23…" Gidon Levin analyses a youngster's formation of self during and after his military service.

Levin, who mentions he joined the army at 18, remarks quite accurately that he was not aware of who he was at that period. "We were too confident of ourselves. I forgot - who we were? Why did we, fighters/children, get there? Critical decisions burdened us and we got exposed to unbearable views."

Levin in his project, goes back to the place where he fought in the war and reproduces the military supplies they used. He criticizes that specific period and himself in a comparison with his production process. He returns to the places where he walked in his uniform, where he ran till he was out of breath, where he was drenched in sweat. This time, he attempts at a self-awareness of his military service in 2002-2005. First training, first parachute jumping, innocence, sparkle in the eyes, and strong friendships as all men had the same DNA...

For Levin, as the slightest detail of the uniforms standardizes perfectly, the details in people's mind become the same. Just like his and his fellow soldiers' condensed experiences...

"I got my inspiration from Roger Fenton's photograph of hills full of cannons in 1855 in the Crimea War. Naive and madcap boys with sparkling eyes, and I follow them. I try to remember who I was once upon a time. And turn back and look who I am today."