Sugar Paper Theories

Jack Latham
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Sugar Paper Theories is a murder story by Jack Latham who investigates notions of memory and visual accuracy/perception. The artist uses both his own photography and archival images while documenting one of the perhaps most controversial murder cases in Icelandic history. 

In 1974, the murder of two men, one 18 years old and the other middle-aged, with an interval of several months has not been solved yet. And Sugar Paper Story has evolved into a project that the artist photographed the places and people associated with the murders and explored the reasons behind the vanishment. At this point, we should consider that memory/history can be reshaped by the rumours, conspiracy theories, and memories of the livings. The difference between the original police investigation files and oral history is the most interesting aspect of Latham's project. Like the story of six defendants who eventually charged the Icelandic Government as they have been detained over the years.

In one way, this project is a quieter and verbal version of Taryn Simon's impressive project, Innocents. Sometimes photography becomes a part of a lie rather than a proof of the truth, just like in memory.