Icon and Mirror

Pola Rada
Orta Format
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"Icon and Mirror", Russian photographer Pola Rada's project, is about an orthodox woman and her social role. 

The artist focuses on the daily situations in Voronezh, a city in the Russian suburb. She states that the common property of Russian traditions is passed down across generations and strengthening the grassroots of Orthodox conservatism. 

Rada's photographs emphasize daily life and one of its important component, religious rituals. In every picture, it can be seen that women, the main character, are iconized at some point. On the other hand, these figures, which seem a little spooky and impressive in their glory, live their daily lives.   

Rada says that the photographs that she produced are based upon Andre Bazin's approach to neoliberalism and she aims to make people feel the temporal and spatial continuation of reality beyond pictures.