On Death

Umut Erbaş
Orta Format
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Umut Erbaş is a photographer creating his own image by combining different photography techniques and manipulation methods. The artist who focuses on concepts such as past, death, melancholia, dream, memory, alienated person and earth combines these phenomena with his own bleak, dark language. His work, "On Death", also began when he realized that the phenomenon of death that he was distant and unfamiliar with got closer with the deaths he witnessed. 

The moment a person recognizes the difference between the phenomenon of death and the death itself is probably the moment s/he has started to lose the relatives. Until then, death was always a mystery recalled by images, tombstones, masks and animal corpses that did not carry that feeling of being punched. If one of the biggest sources of anxiety is the idea of death, the other would be the idea of losing loved ones. The fact that the person who has met the punch of death tried to reverse it back to an image seems like a strong resistance. On the other hand, death itself is one of the things pushing people to save images. 

Umut Erbaş's photographs make this image collection in a romantic and gloomy way. It's like bidding farewell to each other and getting used to disappear.