Out Of Conflict

Murat Kahya

Sometimes we perceive the geographies in which the wars have been continuing as soldiers, weapons, and losses, and we feel as if there are conflicts in every place, at any moment. However, among all the struggles, the civil population tries to preserve their physical and emotional/ spiritual integrity and to continue their life.

In "Out of Conflict", Murat Kahya presents details of daily life in the countryside of Northern Iraq which is associated with conflicts for a long time. These photographs tell "old" things compared to the technological world we are living in. Apparently, it is obvious that peace is being sought and social life is continuing. Hills that one can only feel a deep silence instead of chaos, a seeking of peace could continue in a pond inside old but resilient structures or chairs can be seen from top view under city lights.

Life goes on and it must. Some parts of this idea's reflections are in Kahya's work. Another project of his "Dream City" which can be seen as a manifestation of escape, focuses on the amusement parks in the war zones (which can be seen in our Issue #05).