Timeless Blues

Yusuf Can Albayrak

"Timeless Blues" begins with the words of Murat Uyurkulak in his book Tol: "Because the boredom kills. And but boredom kills, pain and anger do not, but boredom kills. It can be very temporary, momentary, innocent; but it kills", and focuses on the word "boredom". On the contrary to the general opinion of the word, it does not attribute cliche and negative meanings.  

The story focuses on the image of the road/ journey which is the common ground and solution of the book and the photographs. Vaguely moving from one place to another, but a situation that the road/ journey is often more important than the place to arrive.

The photographs allow the audience to identify themselves with this journey, with the intimate and cinematographic moods as if they were taken from the eyes of the walker. It is like we are looking at a diary rather than a series of photographs. The owner of the diary is so familiar with this sense and believes that it is so ordinary; so we are not guilty when looking at it. However, in the photographs that are aesthetically dark and heavy; we can get this unfamiliar feeling; we embrace it and include it as a part of ourselves. The artist describes his work as "What was important to me was actually rambling around. When I got through the gates that the boredom has opened, I found myself often listening to music in the empty and dark streets, sometimes dancing, and sometimes following the bored ones like me." and sees this journey as an endeavor to survive.