Issue #16

Cemil Batur Gökçeer Response to Open Letter

İpek Çınar wrote an open letter to Cemil Batur Gökçeer in Orta Format Update 15. Gökçeer wrote this letter as his right to reply.

G.E.M. G.E.M. (No: #06)

In the previous serial, we have shared the sketches Emine Gemlioğlu asked us to do based on the dreams she had on the plane to Miami. Gemlioğlu wanted the last exhibition in G.E.M. to be composed of these sketches. In this serial, we are witnessing the inner conflict between Derin Pratik members after they were informed about Emine Gemlioğlu’s request.

Paul Gaffney, Serkan Taycan, Cem Ersavcı Three Works Based on Walking

Walking; might be one of the best ways to think, exploring and observing. The reason we say “might” is that it is an experience we constantly repeat in daily life but not think about much.

İpek Çınar Open Letter to Gözde Türkkan

Dear Gözde, Even though we have found the chance to be together, we couldn’t find the opportunity to talk face to face; so I cannot say we are actually acquainted. I hope you are well, and in good spirits. The reason I am writing to you is your works and also your skills in presenting your works.

Beril Gür From Home

From the time reproduction was in its infancy period to today in which photographic production is so easy for everyone and all can carry the device in their pockets, it is possible to say that photography is a sophisticated medium for anyone to pursue their different needs.

Ceren Kılıç Radiation Mountain

In the hospital room where Sevim Burak is deep in conversation with Samuel Beckett, there are people dancing with their Balwawa masks. Actually not, but there are. This is a long African dance. And it is cumbersome. Or Tezer Özlü listens to it in Léo Ferré’s concert, Torelli and Marcello listen to it in their rooms. Still, it is serene. And in another way it is breathtaking.

Katarina Radovic A Husband in Paris

As the list of things you should know about marriage continues being updated every year, the obligatory priorities change from person to person and even depending on who one's partner is. As a matter of fact, people can marry just because they are fed up with their own country.

Sergey Melnitchenko Loneliness Online

"Loneliness Online" is Sergey Melnitchenko's diptych project consisting of images he gets from visual chat forums and Google Images. Half of the photos include lonely men showing their genital areas in visual chats, and the other half are images of trees which seem in harmony with the first half.

Hannah Goldstein Lola

“Lola” is Hannah Goldstein's project about her friend who she hasn't heard of for a long time. This project doesn't aim at recounting Lola or praising what she has done or finding her. It only indicates a close friendship. So, it would be better to hear about this intimacy from someone who is the active subject of this relationship.