Loneliness Online

Sergey Melnitchenko
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"Loneliness Online" is Sergey Melnitchenko's diptych project consisting of images he gets from visual chat forums and Google Images. Half of the photos include lonely men showing their genital areas in visual chats, and the other half are images of trees which seem in harmony with the first half.

Melnitchenko begins his project text with a definition of "loneliness" from Wikipedia: "Loneliness is a socio-psychological phenomenon; it has to do with lack of companionship, lack of establishing positive emotional relationships with people. Like losing a loved one, it can cause from psychological factors which may lead to social isolation. Loneliness in young people stem from being unable to find a suitable partner. In elderly people, it occurs when one loses a loved one or when one cannot find common grounds with the younger generation. In extreme cases, it can also cause depression. Loneliness is a frequently treated subject in literature, music, cinema and poetry."

And he goes on to tell how this process has started:

The artist used images he took as screenshots or by taking photos of the screen with a mobile phone. A tree standing alone somewhere reminds one of isolation and loneliness. So, we see that the artist creates lonesome couples by associating trees and people who are in search of someone online using a similar aesthetic language.