G.E.M. (No: #02)

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FORUM SMENA – Democracy Bushing out from the Museum 

A Project Proposal from Derin Pratik

Smena is the smallest ancient city in Anatolia. The area where the city used to be located was turned into a coastal village, a rescued holiday resort, still without a proper land transport today. Like in all ancient cities, Smena also has an amphitheater. With its seven caveas, Smena amphitheater gallantly demonstrates the fact that democracy in Ancient Greece prevailed even in the smallest communities. The most impressive and genuine implementation of direct democracy, this conception has been put into practice via forums in today's cities.

The project of Forum Smena, proposes to build an identical replica of the amphitheater in question in its original size inside GEM's garden. GEM, apart from being one of the most important art institutions in Turkey, succeeded in congregating the art professionals group which is one of the smallest but influential communities in Turkey. GEM which has proven its stance via its previous activities has asserted itself to be an advocate of art and artistic labor, that it supports artistic independence. The project draws its inspiration first and foremost from GEM's impetus in question.

One phase of the project is to organize the forums and activities that will take place in the replica of the amphitheater. The visitors will take the opportunity to hear the ideas of outstanding people from our art world firsthand. Thus, the art-lover will enjoy commenting about what is going on within the art world. GEM, by bringing a replica of Smena amphitheater into its garden, will present the art professionals and its followers with a unique setting in which they can experience democracy and sharing of ideas. In addition to this, the forums which will take place in Forum Smena, in the museum's beachside garden, will also provide its visitors with a mild Mediterranean breeze in these hot days in Istanbul.