The Dwellings

Ellie Davies
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"Dwellings" is Ellie Davies' project on his conception of housing through the texture of forests and his search for his own identity. For the artist, who is dealing with similar subject matters in his previous projects, forest is also a cultural construct that has a landscape of its own, stratifying through our emotions and concerns. From this point forth, Davies tries to explore our relationship with the place in line with what we observe, what we do and our dependence on matter.

Those wooden dwellings were built with materials collected from a forest using traditional techniques. These constructions, which remind one of fairy tales or Middle Earth imagery, serve as a research object, also becomes something of an escape for the artist.

Davies takes his photographs some time after the construction. Thus, what we see ceases to be constructs of the artist, and becomes constructs where the forest itself happens to participate in the production process. Also, by addressing the phenomenal changes related to the existence of forest in time, he provides the constructs with an individual existence and an identity of their own. These dwellings, by alienating from their creators and breaking the sense of belonging gradually become part of the forest. They come to exist on their own right. And become part of a world that is foreign to its creator.