Crisis Performance

Emma Grosbois - Gulia Piermartiri
Orta Format
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"Crisis Performance" is a collective work from Emma Grosbois and Gulia Piermartiri who study in Florence.

Müge Yılmaz, in her interview in Update #05, talked about the crisis in Italy caused especially by young population's lack of anticipation with regards to their economic future. Uncertainties in employment due to Berlusconi's policies like division of contracts into 3-6 month lots led to a formation of a young generation called precariat. Grosbois and Piermartiri's performative works can be seen as a manifestation of this reaction.

In "Crisis Performance," we see people in public places going on with their routines with plastic bags they put on their heads. The performers are not artists, they are people who are actually moving on with their lives in public places. These people who take part in the performance after accepting Grosbois and Piermartiri's request, strip from their identities with the bags on their heads, and become the "actors of their own social reality." The artists' decision to use "plastic bags" in a symbolic manner, while reminding one of consumption, also evokes the suffocation and a limited duration for breath in terms of collective emotional expressions caused by the crisis.