Carpet Man

Thomas Brezing
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The project "Carpet Man" is the story of a man wrapped up in a carpet on a never-ending journey.

In Thomas Breezing's project, a man wraps himself up with a carpet as a way of protest. There is not even an opening to peer through in this costume which covers him like a cylinder. Naturally, the voices reach him in a disorderly and roaring manner. As for his movements, they are very slow not only because he cannot see, but also because he can only take small steps.

In his project text Breezing tells: "Carpet Man brings out one's caring side: in his clumsiness and vulnerability, in the fact that he is rather unkempt and looks quite lost, we recognise in him something close to home.

At some point in his journey he comes to an abandoned house. In an act of protest he seems to have destroyed the inside of the house as in a riot, in a rage. The viewer is invited to wonder who's house it is and who vandalized it. Is it his own, or does the house symbolize the state/country he lives in and therefore was the violet destruction caused a disobedient act against the state, the government?"   

On the other hand, when we observe the photographs, the fact that the man carries a bag and has a ring around his finger, shows that he is not a "marginal" individual but an "ordinary" one. It is questionable if the work succeeds in a collective way, but we have to ponder on the fact that what pushes him to that rebellion and appear with a carpet with a phrase "almost fit to be hugged" written on it. Is it the individual's own choice, or is he forced to do that? "Carpet Man" provides the integrity of the home he is living in and his own individual coherence. The reason why we are confronted with this notion of the unconventional individual and home, is the same reason each individual experiences in their own way.