You’re So Beautiful Even in the Dark

Celil Kırnapçı
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"Night is a time to dream as well as a time to sleep." Gündüz Vassaf

Apart from his cinema studies in Marmara University, always interested in photography from his childhood, Celil Kırnapçı started working as a reporter in various presses in his 20s. His work "You're So Beautiful Even in the Dark" he started in the summer of 2014 in ISSP has a feel so appealing and becoming: it is calm, but at the same time has a wild side. It is in between these two sentiments, well-balanced. Also, it is true to its name...

Celil Kırnapçı expresses "You're So Beautiful Even in the Dark" as follows: "The story goes on. Lately, what I occupy myself with searching for her around me, in my past. It is magic to find her in myths, religion, art for centuries more or less with the same visage, but always as herself, that enriches the adventure what we call life... She is the core of my personal tale which I see as a must in every art and idea." "You're so Beautiful Even in the Dark" begins at a completely different time in a completely different land - as if it is here today gone tomorrow - and continues with the inviting discontent of night; the charm of the dark peculiar to the one who lives through it, that throbbing heart; but it evokes the feeling of secret pleasure one takes from this throbbing. Freely, with a power to create...

Celil Kırnapçı took a break to his professional life to do his military service in November 2014, and it is not far that he resumes his works and convey what he collects, all those humane feelings, imageries, doubts, the "what if"s and passions.



Editor's Note: Apart from his works on photography Celil Kırnapçı also has a very powerful narrative. Analyzing his works after hearing about them in his own words, is like sleeping after hearing a tale:

"One night, we would be returning from Kuldiga town to Pelci with friends. I refused to take a bus. I thought a night walk would comfort me. I had 10 km way. First, I swam in Venta Waterfalls, and it aroused a feeling of renewal, a resurge. Then I started off. It was midnight, there were no lights, it was pitch black. One could hear dogs barking from every way. On the way, single storey houses. A cat is watching me from a window. Weird noises were coming from the woods. I was scared, I could hear my heart beating. I kept walking. I thought I was going to die, maybe a wolf or a boar. I thought about my life till that time. It was in fragments. I am all alone in the middle of nothingness. The sky was clear, stars were marvelous.

It was 2 thirty. At last, there was a noise within the darkness, a sound of some music. It was coming from a castle, there must have been some party. The castle appeared. I quickened my steps. I was getting close. I was shivering, I was thirsty. I ordered a beer, I quietly put down the pebbles on the ground. Then a face. Blue eyes. A dim beam tearing the darkness. A beautiful face. At the end of that grim way. You're so beautiful even in the dark…