İbrahim Karakütük
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"What is a point?" It is the same place where motion and motionlessness stand. Well, what creates a point? It is the opposition or apposition of motion and motionlessness. That plane which unites together motion and motionlessness is called attributum. Namely, occupying a place in space, being a substance, being a corporeal entity. But you do not occupy a place in an empty space. Like Descartes says, you occupy a place in space in active motion. Attributum is the ability to endless expansion and occupation. In other words, it is a specific universal ratio between motion and motionlessness, between what is fast and what is slow."

Ulus Baker/ Spinoza Attributum


"Attributum" is İbrahim Karakütük's photography project which departs from this context and which he describes as "I am getting close to myself." This is a rather personal photography series, it recounts something but at the same time preserves its ambiguity. This must be the good side of using photography as a language, so the mystery hidden inside the images, the decision whether to recount or not become solely the photographer's choice.

The subjects or the objects in the photographs, even if they stay put, are in motion somehow. On the other hand, if we consider them to be frozen moments, it can be argued that each image is related to that point where motion and motionlessness intertwine. In this journey, which starts with a quote from Ulus Baker, it is possible to see each photograph as a point. As for the road proceeding through points, one finds a story which is not clear, but still draws the interest. This is a story that begins with Spinoza, infiltrated by Ulus Baker, and handed us down by İbrahim Karakütük; the most private core of movement, of transforming oneself: it is a work where being, resuming to be and the future being come together, and this point which is intrinsically under the control of a chaos, an extremely intense chaos.

İbrahim Karakütük's works as a whole are very close to his practice in Attributum. He creates novel İbrahim Karakütüks by re-forming himself and the language he uses all over again in his each project, and when he decides he has finished what he has to say, he fuses all of his works in a melting pot and come to exist again. It is a way of being which is so thrilling and compelling for his viewers...