UZ Group

UZ Group

Editor note: During the preparation of this issue, we sent the same questions -with several categories- to all organizations that we interviewed. The UZ Group and Orhan Cem Çetin from Rütte Photography Group preferred to write up texts in a different format that consist of their answers rather than an interview.  


Independence is one of the concepts that make us consider UZ as an art formation that continues, that transforms, and that terminates at the same time. The effortlessness and spontaneity of our way of getting together made it possible for us to try to coexist without sharpening each other's independent productions. It enabled us to refuse adaption to traditional models, relationships, and processes. 

In this way, we were able to create a playground where we set our own rules in our indoors. Like separate rooms under the same roof, we were able to accept the existence of our personal spaces while standing next to each other. Our excitement to experience the potential of the venues and mediums that bring us together with our own methods, and keeping those methods while being together has turned into a companionship that we do not feel the need to institutionalize and division of labour.  

The parts of production that are not directly related to production are one of the factors that shape the structure of UZ. When the circumstances brought us together, the idea of producing together came up. But now, the new conditions make it hard to come together. Nevertheless, the fact that our effort to get together continue, that we like to think together about our productions and that we realize the fluxional nature of UZ can form around these individualities enable us to "produce" in changing conditions. 

We have a common ground that UZ has an organic structure that cannot be placed between a specific beginning and terminating point. Since we do not have a system that we come together periodically and focus on producing methodologically, the termination means only a change in the relationship that we establish with time and space.  

We believe that the dynamic of UZ is shaped by the interaction arising from the inside rather than outside. Although the experience we have shared so far is not sustainable within the framework of our current individual circumstances, concerns, and priorities; we are sure that we will continue to produce in different forms and formats.