Jamie Alvarez
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"Time" is a photography series consisting of Jaime Alvarez's manipulated family photos in a period in which his father is sick. The artist creates his narrative through the relative passing of time.

As we all experience, time is relative. Although in technical terms, time consisting of fragments like minutes, hours and days, is uniform, it is perceived in different speeds depending on different periods of people's lives. Alvarez takes on this work after his father got cancer and in a period in which the family tries to stay together within his last year. By manipulating some parts of his photos, Alvarez prevents the photography to pertain to a single time frame as we perceive in the usual sense. When the camera sensor scans the image, it creates an image in which time appears to persist in some parts, and it seems like he scans the same point for a long period of time. Therefore, he reflects the feel of the "moment" he captures with regards to passing of time according to his own perception.

Time, on the other hand, is a culmination of the questions the artist asks himself, like "what if substance moves in a different time/way within space rather than it does now?" and "how will the pieces of memory be preserved?"