After Effects

Daniele Del Nero
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We imagine the cities in which live, the buildings, the bridges and roads as they are eternal. "After Effects" is Daniele Del Nero's project where he focuses on the permanency of buildings.

Del Nero makes 5-10 cm sized building models with cardboards. He soaks them in water, flours them and keeps them in containers. Then, mold starts growing within the container due to the air inside. When all the air is vacuumed, there is no more mold growth, and so no more change with respect to form. Del Noro communicates these forms via the medium of photography. Consequently, it is possible to suggest that the work is performative, and photographs transfer this artistic production. On the other hand, using photography as a medium creates a sense of "time/process/timelessness." Therefore, the piece by finding a new medium, takes on a new meaning in itself.

Especially, by making models of old architectural structures, Del Toro claims, he enhances the sense of abandonment, and he says: "We live in a world that looks more and more unstable and dangerous. Society is dominated by a growing sense of vulnerability and decay which I want to portray with my work"

Diseases, decay, deterioration...All are products we happen to create consciously. Although they are products we create and develop on the basis of standards of living, in time, they soon become a threat and trigger fear. At this point, Del Nero's works fall into a similar category with human behavior.