Evren Özesen
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"Lost" is Evren Özesen's work on people, places, feelings and time he has lost or thinks she has.

Although our minds are prone to forgetting, photographs become memos as a recording tool outside of our brains. For this, the photograph does not necessarily belong to that specific moment, photograph itself may function as a tag to take one back to that time. Özesen's photographs harbour traces of what was lost, and he describes his work as: "In my photograph archive, there are a couple of folders apart from the folders ordered chronologically. In fact, ‘Lost' emerged from one of those folders. It was an untitled folder. In it, there were like 50 photographs taken between 2007 and 2016. One day, as I was attaching another photograph to that folder, I asked myself what is with this folder. Why was I bringing these photographs taken in different times and techiques together? Shortly after I began thinking about this question, I started to understand. Almost all of the photographs were related to people, places, feelings and time I had lost or think I had. Some were directly the ‘things' I lost, and some were photographs indicating a specific period. The pains I might like to forget and the things I don't want to forget were together and side-by-side."

The work "Lost" prompts the viewer to think about their own losses apart from their individual feelings with its idiosyncratic stillness. The traces and the objects in the photographs seem like they never change, and gives the impression that they welcome anyone who goes to that specific place. Even the people, sea and stamens look like they hang in the air, lingering.

The places, people, objects, in short everything is changing, and the photographs remain on the papers as traces, and signs that stimulate memories just like in "Lost".