Ghosts of Recollection

Tuna Uysal
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"Ghosts of Recollection" is Tuna Uysal's project in which he thinks about the act of recording and memory.

The photographs in the series are distorted with layers/light rather than sharpness ensured via technology. Therefore, it is obvious that the images recorded give diverse impressions to the viewer by generating ambiguity rather than indicating some situation.

Uysal remarks in his project text that what he'd like to record has been occupying people's minds for years and that his aim is to convey his experiences. After all, this reservoir enables the formation of civilization and the development by supplementing the accumulation of previous information.

It is important to remember that the conception of recording is constantly changing. As the recording mediums become more and more accessible, it becomes easier to record things and as a result, personal memoirs are fixed instead of conveying the experience. While it was done through a text, now imaging methods like photography and video are becoming prevalent in our lives.

Uysal open this subject via a quotation from Henri Bergson and asks: "Record is duration, which is 'essentially memory, consciousness" and memory 'is the accumulation and preservation of the past in the present."*

Record is the accumulation of duration whereby it occupies the centre of memory formation. Now what is there in the essence of memory? Reliability or all the experiences our consciousness have acquired as a man? As capabilities of record develop, do those of memory become pour or rich?"