Match a Match

Anastasia Soboleva
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Anastasia Soboleva's project "Match a Match" created during Alejandro Chaskielberg's "Documentary Experiments" workshop in ISSP 2016, presents an extremely personal and warm perspective to an objective matter; what is more, it is hats off to the importance of memories.

The small city of Latvia, Kuldiga where ISSP took place provides a very rich environment for abandoned places. Soboleva focuses on one of those places, "The Vulcans Factory". Established in 1878 in Kuldiga, the match factory soon becomes the biggest plant that employs many people. Closed in 2004, the factory is now completely abandoned.

Soboleva sums up her work as: "I'd like to play with the proportion of things, the meanings of what is personal and common. I selected some simple structures from the photos of the factory and recreated them with matches using the archival photos of workers of that plant as a foundation."

All languages have their own word plays. And "Match a Match" as a word play of the beauty of English language. The artist states that she used the word as pairing together, and by modelling the structures in her 2-dimensional photographs with matches, she restores the 3rd dimension. The models recreated using the photographs from ex-employees' archives, also construct new places for the stories in the photographs. In this way, matches are not only the products of the factory, but they also present a body of conceptions.

Along with the photographs, the exhibition also included the constructs created with the matches. When factory photographs and perspective of matches match completely, it is impossible not to get involved in places and memories.