Issue #18

Ege Kanar On "Trace" with Ege Kanar

We talked with Ege Kanar about his artistic practice searching and pondering on the notion of "trace." Our conversation reflects on Kanar's stance in photography and "photography scene" which he terms as "two steps forward one step back." It involves the reasons for his excitement and sincerity in his steps forward and his steps backwards to withdraw into his shell.

Merve Ünsal 3P: Porn, Paranoia, Politics

In his essay "In Defense of the Poor Image," what Hito Steyerl means by the word "poor" is images that are bad in quality and substandard in resolution. Also, because the word "poor" literally means needy and destitute, Steyerl's text can be read as a definition of the "miserable image" as well.

Gözde Mimiko Türkkan Response to Open Letter

İpek Çınar wrote a letter to Gözde Türkkan in Update 16. As her right to reply, Türkkan wrote the following letter.

Tuna Uysal In Memoriam Cem Ersavcı

Although writing a memoir on Cem Ersavcı will not be sufficient to get to know him, introducing him and his works is crucial to go beyond a certain understanding of photography within this geography and broaden the horizons of new generations to establish the boundaries of a novel conception of photography.

G.E.M. G.E.M. (No: #07)

G.E.M. continues to serialize via No: #07

Rehan Miskci Void

“Void" is Rehan Miskci's work in which she focuses on the notion of "space" using Armenian studio photographer Maryam Şahinyan's photography archive.

Ülgen Semerci Accident is Intention is Accident

"Accident is Intention is Accident" is Ülgen Semerci's project on accidental occurrences through decision making and transformation.

Mustafa Kemal Yurttaş Rhodesia

The project consists of images and texts taken from "gay dating" websites and applications. It focuses on queer versatility and identity politics and examines how this notion of versatility can be destroyed by showing all the differences in a homogenous manner.

Sophie Barbasch Fault Line

"Fault Line" is Sophie Barbasch's work based on her own family relationships.

Ali Taptık Five Complaint Five Suggestion

Let's forget about the claim to be "new", for I don't really see something new around. "Young" is also a threadbare saying, it over-focuses on age. If you like, let's call it "different", let's call it "authentic" if the work gives credit where it's due. And if we call it "different", let's explain why.